The name Kumarakom is a permanent word in the dictionary of world tourism, for the tranquility of this island surrounded by the largest lake in Kerala, Vembanad, lacks the heart to get faded. Be it any season, regular visitors, those are visiting for the first time will find it difficult to take their eyes off such a bewitching panorama. What Kumarakom boasts of confidently is the unique houseboat, looks like a proper house with all amenities; maybe it is the luxurious stay on the calmest waters of Vembanad Lake. Monsoon is the most demanding season since when the water from the sky merges with the water on Earth, we can expect magic.


It looks like a fable when you get rare chances to spot the giant elephant coming to drink water or to have their kids fed. Thekkady is the parent of some unique flora and fauna. Dotted by precious greenery, there is a lake that overflows during monsoon and then there will be an incomparable scene of the flocks of elephants crossing the lake so easily. This rare show is the most celebrated feature of Thekkady. Tigers, bears, deer, cattle, hippopotamus and much more are there, grazing or roaming around the location freely. Boating on the lake enhances every trip to Thekkady hugely.


A trip to Kerala will be definitely incomplete if you miss the Kovalam beach. The southern end of the coastal region of Kerala is a haven for migratory tourists round the year. Proud rock structures inviting each wave towards them arrange a spectacular sight every eye loves to behold. The vast shore that remains wet every moment seems like appreciating our steps forward. Irrespective of nationalities, tourists appear to be equally happy here. It is a kids’ friendly beach as well offering space for them to play in the waves. Eras old lighthouse led multitudes of ships and people to their destinations still holds its head high in one corner of the beach. 

Tamil Nadu

59.Tea Estate of Coonoor

Image Source: Balaji.B – Flickr
A gorgeous hill station in Tamil Nadu is that of Coonoor. It is one of the largest hill stations in the Nilgiris, and also serves as a base for those interested in trekking in the Nilgiri Hills.
Image Source: ZeePack – Flickr
However, for those not interested in trekking, the highlight of the hill station is its many tea estate. When here, stay in a tea estate and you will have some really delightful experiences. Most of the tea estates here belong to the British times, which give you a taste of the colonial past. The period furniture, the greenery and the tranquility all make for a wonderful holiday experience.
How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Coimbatore from Chennai at INR 1,834.


Famous for the eucalyptus trees and the flowers, Nigiri hills share the major portion of Ooty, yet another most visited tourist center in India. Ooty still enjoys its freedom from pollution, whether it is noise or air, focuses on agriculture which is the predominant revenue holder. The Botanical Garden, the huge hectares of tea plantations, the Avalanche Lake, Pykara waterfall, the Ooty Lake etc vividly represent the reason why tourists are still flooding to this delicate hill station every year. Beauty is defined elaborately here with the unwinding plethora of landscapes and natural miracles.
How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Coimbatore from Chennai at INR 1,834.
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