76. Gurudongmar Lake

Image Source: soumyajit pramanick – Flickr
Located at an altitude of a little more than 5000 meters above sea level is Gurudongmar Lake. The lake is located in Sikkim, close to the Chinese border and is known for its scenic views. The fresh water lake remains frozen for most part of the year because of jaw dropping temperatures.
Image Source: Nara Simhan – Flickr
But when the ice thaws, it gives way to crystal clear waters that just take your breath away. The rugged terrain around the lake adds to the experience. However, you should be prepared for some hard work if you want to visit this lake, because it involves a sufficiently challenging trek.
Image Source: Kartik MS – Flickr

77. Goecha La Pass

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Another gorgeous mountain pass in the Himalayan region is Goecha La Pass in Sikkim. The pass serves as the base camp for those who wish to climb Mount Kanchenjunga, world’s third highest peak. In order to reach the pass, you need to start trekking from Yuksom. It takes about 7 days to trek to the pass.
Image Source: juicyrai – Flickr
Along the way, you are greeted with some beautiful rhododendrons and other highlights of the region. View of Mount Kanchenjunga from Goecha La Pass is just amazing.


A prominent Buddhist pilgrimage site, Gangtok is nestled in the high peaks of the Himalayas and shelters the Enchey Monastery. This raw untouched beauty of northeast is situated in the Shivalik hills of the eastern Himalayas at an altitude of 1,700 meters. This enthralling Himalayan city is the capital of Sikkim since 1894. It offers a stunning view of Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak of the world. Gangtok has an amicable cultural fusion and people live peacefully in spite of the diverse ethnicity and religions. On a tranquil walk down the street in Gangtok, you can catch the whiff that comes from the lush tea plantations.


79. Majuli

Image Source: Rocky Barua – Flickr
A quaint island in the state of Assam is Majuli. Once upon a time, the island was spread across an area of about 1,250 square kilometers and was well known for being the biggest River Island in the World.
However, the raging River Brahmaputra eroded a large part of the island, and left a little over 400 square kilometers of area. Yet, Majuli is one of the most beautiful places in India.
It has been bestowed with a large number of migratory birds and hence bird watching is one of the highlights here. The best time to visit Majuli is during the months of January, February and March.
Image Source: rajkumar1220 – Flickr
Nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful places in India. Bird watching is a highlight here, and so are the colorful tribes of the region.

80.Kaziranga National Park

The famed one-horned rhinoceros, one of India’s best-known tourism mascots, calls the expansive grasslands of the Kaziranga National Park its home. The park’s population of 1800-odd rhinos represents more than two-thirds of the world’s total; in 1904 there were just 200.
The park consists of western, central and eastern ranges, the central range doubling as the venue for popular early-morning elephant safaris. Lasting an hour each, these rides offer unparalleled opportunities to get close to rhinos, which don’t seem phased by the elephants, even when surrounded by several safari groups.
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