71. Belum Caves

Image Source: Praveen – Flickr
Belum Caves are situated at a village called Belum in the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. These Caves are known for being the longest in India and the second largest in the country.
They were discovered way back in 1884 by a British named Robert Foote are popular amongst the tourists for their stalagmite formations. There are several passages and chambers to explore, making it a mystical experience.
Image Source: Mahesh Telkar – Flickr
Even if you are not too much into cave exploration, the natural formations in these caves will leave you speechless. So pack your bags and head to these caves for an eclectic adventure experience.
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Picture an unconquerable fort built in red granite stone, guarded by a 20 feet high entry gate, enclosed in a  fort wall running around the 5 mile perimeter;  101 bastions, each about 40 feet high, are cut into the fort wall; beautiful palaces with exquisite carvings; perennial springs constantly irrigating the fruit and flower  gardens; old temples, providing a look into a past with their walls, pillars, ceilings and floors sporting bas-reliefs, co-existing with a mosque,  probably built by different rulers. Unconquerable because the fort is protected by a deep gorge on one side, 4 km long and 700 m deep, with enormous boulders adding to its natural defense, cut by a river flowing below.

Arunachal Pradesh

73. Sela Pass

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Sela Pass is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Connecting Tawang district to other parts of the country is the Sela Pass. This mountain pass is about 13,800 feet high and gives you some really scenic views of the surrounding views. With its high elevation, you can almost feel the clouds passing through your hands here.
Image Source: rajkumar1220 – Flickr
During the winter months, most of the pass is frozen with snow, with temperatures dropping to well below the zero degree mark. For some gorgeous views and panoramic shot for the lens, head to Sela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh. You will be delighted.

74.Ziro Valley

The 5754 ft  high town is almost a level valley enclosed on all sides by pine-clad low stooping hills. This area, also called Apatani Plateau, is famous for Paddy-cum-Fish culture. It is the part of the beautiful whole of nature. This place also comprises of the quietly flowing rivers of Subansiri, Nishi, Apatani, Dafla, and Miri. Zero is the land of Apatani tribal who are fond of hunting and Zoom cultivation is their prime profession. Apatani tribals are now for their handsome and beautiful looks. Local wine ‘Apang’ is their favorite drink. They are equally fond of colorful dresses, with specialties and varieties. Women-folk loves to draw a tattoo on foreheads and cheeks and wear on cane nose pins.
Packages: Take a tour of the Ziro Valley.


Experience the unexplored, awe-inspiring charm of Arunachal Pradesh in this quaint hill town. Understand the Tibetan-Buddhist elements that influence the culture, food, and lifestyle here, granting it an absolutely unique flavor. A trekker’s delight, Tawang will simply steal your heart away. Located at a height from Tawang is the serene P.T.Tso Lake, which remains frozen for 4 to 5 months in a year. Tawang offers a unique experience for skilled and amateur trekkers, with different trekking trails for each level of difficulty.
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