Since British and other imperial countries have shared their wealth and concepts in selected places in the state of West Bengal, Kolkata still holds that glory of white marble structures giving the city a distinct appearance contradicting the culture and custom of the natives here. Belur Math, Victoria Memorial, Kalighat Temple, Marble Palace, Tagore’s House, Barabazar and much more attractions are there giving a regal touch to the minutest spot of Kolkata even. An elegant collaboration of Indianness and Englishness is very obvious everywhere in this crowded, lively city that will take you through the stories of transition Kolkata managed to go through.

How to reach: Catch a flight to Kolkata from New Delhi at just INR 3,095.


Sprawling across India and Bangladesh, this club of variant islands is a well-preserved biodiversity in India, remarkably a prestigious spot in West Bengal. The mangrove forests, very rarely appeared in India as a whole are the heroes of Sundarbans. It protects a rich cluster of rare and threatened species of fauna and fauna both on land in water. It is also a tiger reserve and biosphere reserve dedicated to acting as a haven for many endangered beings seen in the forests of India. Turned to be a national park, Sundarbans is a Heritage Site in the list of UNESCO. If you wish to make a visit to West Bengal, Sundarbans should be marked as one ‘never miss out spot’ since such an ecosystem is rare to rare ones in India.


68. Kutch

Image Source: Roshan Panjwani – Flickr
Imagine barren lands where you can push full throttle and have the thrill of your life? That’s Rann of Kutch for you, in Gujarat. Kutch is a shallow wetland, which means it gets submerged during the monsoon season because of rains.
Image Source: Anurag Agnihotri – Flickr
However, during the summer months, the water recedes, giving way to salty land which is barren yet beautiful. The Rann of Kutch is known for road trips in India. It is also known as a habitat for exotic species of birds and animals. There are quite a few wildlife reserves in the region, the most prominent of which is the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary.

69.Gir Forest National Park, Kutch

A national park and wildlife sanctuary which is famous for dedicating a large space to preserve the pride symbols of India, Asiatic lion is the Gir Forest National Park in Kutch. The only place where these Asiatic lions can be spotted out as solely or as a family is Gir Park. Also, the amicable ecosystem it preserves is being considered as the major reason for the presence of these typical lions here. More than 400 species of flora can also be seen here letting the region appear like a complete forest. On top of that, seven perennial rivers flowing near the park play an important role in making the park a favourite place for migratory birds as well.
Packages: Take a tour of the Gir National Park.
How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport of Bhuj from Mumbai at INR 6,806.

Andhra Pradesh

70. Araku Valley

Image Source: Raj
A pristine tourist spot in Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh is Araku Valley. Located at a height of about 3000 feet above sea level, the valley is known for Sunkarimetta Forest Reserve and Anantagiri, both of which are biodiversity hot spots.
It is also known for its coffee plantations, which together with the biodiversity hot spots, give the valley a beautiful green cover. While in the valley, do not miss a chance to interact with the local tribes, which gives you an insight into their eclectic culture. Relatively untouched by commercialization, the valley makes for a relaxing vacation in the hills.
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